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Frequent Asked Questions TO POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS AND WHOM IT MAY CONCERN to find a qualified clinical psychologist in Hong Kong.

Does a person need to get a license or registered to practice as a or use a name of clinical psychologist in Hong Kong?

At present, the practice of clinical psychology is not abided by any official statutory regulations of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("HKSAR"). It is not MANDATORY for any person to be licensed or registered with a government agency or professional board in practicing clinical psychology works or using the name of "clinical psychologist" in the HKSAR. However, the Hong Kong Government is encouraging the establishment of self-regulatory body in the profession to ensure the quality level of services and safety for the interest of the public.

Does Hong Kong Association of Doctors in Clinical Psychology (HKADCP) advocate potential employers to select only HKADCP registered clinical psychologists as their candidates?

No. While potential employers are rest assured the professional qualification of the Association's registered clinical psychologists, HKADCP with due respect promotes equal job opportunity for all trained and qualified clinical psychologists to be considered by recruiters.

We observe that the Social Welfare Department of the HKSAR government advocates the principle of fairness and equal opportunity in recruiting qualified clinical psychologists in their department and non-government organizations. (Please click here for details).

Will Hong Kong Association of Doctors in Clinical Psychology (HKADCP) prefer the culture of self advocacy?

No. To honor the well-accepted tradition in all professions and avoid the fallacy of misrepresenting propaganda, HKADCP refrains itself from the acts of self advocacy. Adhered to the ethical principle of esteeming all individuals in the profession, HKADCP rebukes any discrimination of employment. On the contrary, potential employers are encouraged to maintain a prudent discretion and independent assessment in selecting their clinical psychologist candidates. HKADCP trusts that potential employers will be able to make up fair evaluation and find HKADCP's registered clinical psychologists as eligible and competent based onto one's qualification, expertise and performance rather than relied merely on self-promotion.

On what basis HKADCP will label a person as "unqualified or under qualified to practice as a clinical psychologist"?

HKADCP is cautious to announce a person as an unqualified or under qualified clinical psychologist without solid evidences. We encourage potential employers to seek our views on issues related to the qualification of a clinical psychologist practicing in Hong Kong. HKADCP holds that it would be unethical and unprofessional for anyone or any body to depreciate any other clinical psychologists if such allegation is culturally biased and lack of substantial proofs.

Does HKADCP registered clinical psychologist is a qualified clinical psychologist?

Making reference to latest international professional standards, HKADCP has laid clear and objective criteria for admission of registered clinical psychologist (Please click here for details) . Apart from high requirement for doctorate level of applicants, HKADCP also has adopted credential criteria requirement, under which applicant's professional qualification is counterchecked by at least one of the established and reputed professional or statutory psychological organizations in comparable developed countries.

How can I locate HKADCP registered clinical psychologists?

You may refer to the following link to view the updated HKADCP registered clinical psychologists for reference. The HKADCP's Register of Clinical Psychologists is updated on a monthly basis.
Download the HKADCP's Register of Clinical Psychologists here

Why there are smaller numbers of registered clinical psychologists with HKADCP?

HKADCP only admits doctorate clinical psychologists as registered members and thus by nature, the total number of registered clinical psychologists are relatively smaller than other comparable psychological associations which also recruits master level candidates for the registered membership.

How HKADCP dedicates to the interest of the public?

HKADCP is dedicated to the interest of the public and understands the community will be better served by quality clinical psychologists. As a easy reference access to the public, the Register of Clinical Psychologists of HKADCP is prepared to serve practicing clinical psychologists a register that can recognize their professionally qualification in providing clinical psychological services to the local community of Hong Kong.

Is it compulsory for qualified clinical psychologists to register at HKADCP?

Although qualified doctorate clinical psychologists are encouraged to apply of being listed in the Register, it implies no legality of its status and/or exclusivity of any other practitioners in providing clinical psychological services in the HKSAR and elsewhere.

How do I know a person is an unqualified clinical psychologist?

The most common observation suggests a person usually use a name "clinical psychologist" without explicitly showing his/her formal qualifications in clinical psychology and does not indicate himself/herself a "registered clinical psychologist" or "Licensed psychologist" with Statutory Psychologists Boards or Psychological Associations or admitted as a member with Division of Clinical Psychology of a established Psychological Association/Society from a well developed country, state or city. We encourage potential employers to seek our views by phone 5114 7485 or email us at hkadcp@gmail.com.